Journey of Financial Freedom

Finances! Even the word scares me a bit, I must confess. But, being honest and real about my disobedience and mistakes, confessing all and seeking direction have been blessings for our family. I cannot continue typing and not mention this journey has been and continues to be a humbling experience; but as we continue to pray as a family and make decisions together, we are starting to see that the journey will soon be over. I know we will continue to apply everything we have learned. Especially because we want to be an example to our Olivia.

Continuing our journey of financial freedom, we as a family with a new toddler have noticed many changes in our lives, as well as how we are affected by our choices. We have seen how our past choices have affected our freedom from debt today. We continue to seek the Word of God to be aligned with what honors the Lord (Philippians 4:6-7).

Praise God! We have started to see good changes: we have eliminated our debt by at least 50% or more of what we had just six months ago. What a blessing! God remains faithful, even when we are not. Remembering that God’s promises are good causes His peace to take over us. Knowing He will always be with Olivia is just an indescribable assuredness (Psalm 119:90).

Although, the journey is not and has not been easy, we again and again realize we are being molded with His mighty hands (Isaiah 64:8). We lift our eyes to the hills and SHOUT! Our help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He is our great provider (Psalm 121:1), the One who has the words of eternal life. Where else can we go to, but you, Lord (John 6:68)! These words, as we read them in the Bible, reassure us that we are going to make it, and know it is all in His good timing (John 14:27).

We pray we be an example of good stewardship. All we can say today, as when we started, “Praise Him at all times”; it is worth the journey.


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