Real Spiritual Success: How do we make spiritual progress?

Count Zinzendorf founded the “Guild of the Grain of Mustard Seed,” and, as a result, the Moravian Church was born. This servant of God proved a fundamental biblical principle—size never determines power! Compared to others, you may or may not have much. However, when the two cardinal virtues of faith and prayer are applied, the condition of real spiritual success and growth are created. Remember, doubt and fear are the twin foes of faith. Faith always involves three clear steps: it asks, it accepts, and it appropriates.

Samuel Ward reminds us that “Faith finds its luster in action, and not just in notion. It enters our hearts and not just our heads. This is the difference between one who reads about pleasant rivers and high mountains and one who travels to visit them. What a difference there is between understanding the notion of sweetness, and actually tasting the honey or sugar…it is possible for a man to have a gift from God and not the use of it. Among all the gifts of God, there is nothing more useful than faith…Allow faith to do her perfect work in you, and to form Christ in your heart. Do not allow yourself to be delayed in the power of fear and doubt.”

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