Bloom Where You Are Planted

My friend, Elly, recently posted a quote on Facebook that she read on the bottle cap from Sweet Leaf tea: “Bloom where you are planted.” Elly said she thought that was a pretty good one. Me too!

I think every Christian would agree that our deep heart desire is for God to change us to be more like Christ. We read the Word, put our lives up against it, and see how woefully short we fall of the divine standard. Then, we look at the Savior and are filled with thankfulness that He has lived the life we never can. But, we don’t stop there. Out of that thankfulness, we want to live holier lives.

I will at least speak for myself and say that sometimes I look at my circumstances and wonder how I can change when things are just so hard. If my circumstances were different, I can think, fleshing out this Christian walk would be easier. Yes, that’s it! That’s the change I need. I need to just have a change in my circumstances and everything will be ok…or will they?

See, we really don’t need a change in our circumstances to thrive for God. In fact, the very opposite is true. We believe in a God who providentially orchestrates everything in our lives to bring about our full and final salvation (Rom.8:28-30). At times, I can feel like just running away from the pressures around me. But, the problem is, I cannot run away from my own heart. God has placed me in the city I live in, the church I attend, the family I live with, the friendships I enjoy, and the difficult circumstances (and attacks from foes) I face. Any difficulty I am having to live how God wants me to, where He has me, does not merit a change in my circumstances so much as it calls for a heart change. And, what is so amazing about all of this is that God will use the difficulties to change me, but only as I walk by faith and repentance…here.

If you find yourself consumed with longing for the day when your circumstances will be more bearable on earth, stop yourself and ask:

  • Do I believe that today is a gift from God to me? (Ps.118:24)
  • Do I believe God does all things well? (Mark 7:37)
  • Who will I choose to serve this day? (Josh.24:15)

Choose the Lord, and bloom, by faith, right where He has planted you.

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