Born Again, Born to Shop

Have you ever seen the bumper sticker, “Born Again, Born to Shop”?  When I was first saved, I naively believed that there was some truth to this, but now that I have grown, I’ve come to realize that this common catchphrase is an inaccurate statement.

  • First, being born again is of a divine nature, whereas being born to shop is a personal desire.
  • Second, being born again requires grace, whereas being born to shop may hinder my growth in grace.
  • Last, being born again transformed me in a positive manner, resulting in a changed life, whereas being born to shop may result in a negative impact towards my finances.

At any rate, loving to shop isn’t a bad pastime as long as I am able to keep things in perspective; but it pales in comparison when I realize that loving Jesus infinitely outweighs my appetite to shop.

How does this relate to my faith? My love for Jesus supersedes any love I may possess for shopping, and it never ends. It compels me to be thankful for the blessings He has bestowed upon me, whereas shopping only fuels my desire for more. As the little girl said in the AT&T ad, “We want more, we want more, when we like it, we want more.” But in Jesus, I have found all that I need! Knowing Him and loving Him brings contentment and joy. You may have been born to shop, but the question is, are you born again?


This guest post is from CASM member, Mary Knight.  Mary is the wife of Pastor Marvin Knight and they have two sons: Jordan and Joshua.

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