Do You Really Believe Your Bible?

The title of this blog post may cause some Christians to roll their eyes. “How dare you ask that question of a Christian,” some may ponder. After all, the question suggests there can be one of two answers: “yes” or “no.” What Christian in their right mind would ever answer that question with a “no,” right? However, Matthew 7:21-23 clearly reveals to us that many do answer that question with a “no;” maybe not audibly with their mouths, but from the depths of their hearts. Why is that? Well, before I attempt to answer that question let me try and provide some context as to why I posed the question in the first place.

When it comes to our faith and Christian walk, the doctrine of the infallibility or inerrancy of scripture is extremely important because truth really does matter. It’s literally the glue that holds our faith together. Without a firm grasp of this doctrine, we will, like Pilate, find ourselves asking, “what is truth?” as we seek to live a life of obedience to Christ. We must have a high view of scripture if we are to have a high view of God himself. If not, we are bound to be confused and frustrated in our Christian walk, expecting things from God that He never promised in His Word.

I think one reason some struggle with this idea of the infallibility/inerrancy of scripture is they have been disappointed, time and time again, by those whom society have incorrectly given this mantle to. From the Roman Catholic Church, to our government, to civil authorities, society often hold these institutions up as infallible. Yet, when the Priest is exposed for molesting a child, or scandals in our government reveal the greed of politicians, or civil authorities are caught on video abusing those whom they are sworn to protect we soon lose trust.

But God. 2 Timothy 3:16 says that “All scripture is God-breathed.” God has revealed to us in scripture His nature, His character, and His essence. And 2 Peter 1:21 assures us that “no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will” so what we read about God in scripture is EXACTLY what He says to be true about Himself. Which leads me back to my original question about why Jesus said what he said in Matthew 7. The whole purpose of the Bible and the Gospel is to bring us in relationship with God (John 17:3). To deny the inerrancy of scripturein other words, to not believe the Bible—is to deny a relationship with God. And for those Christ says, “I never knew you.”

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