It’s Been Paid in Full

Just when we think that we’ll finally be able to pay off that credit card, or take care of the outstanding maintenance issues with the car, or reorganize the chaotic closet upstairs, or…… (we could fill in the blank with a hundred things, couldn’t we?), God makes it clear He has something else planned. It’s like He’s telling us to start over with our plans…our hopes…our desires. And to be really honest, when we’re in this place, it’s hard to feel the love of God for us. We hear the lies of the world and of Satan whispering in our ears, “If God really loved you, wouldn’t He want you to have the means to take care of that? Well, then, you must have been mistaken. He must not love you as much as you think He does.”

But the love of God isn’t felt in the fullness of your bank account. In fact, the amount in your bank account has nothing to do with how much God loves you, nor has it any relevance upon how well He is caring for you. And He is caring for you. Even as you struggle with not being able to see how you’re going to pay your bills this week or purchase groceries next week, God is caring for you. And what He might be telling you is that it’s time to start over.

It’s time to start over with your priorities. Is it wrong to want to pay off debt or maintain the material items we own or spend money on reorganizing? Not necessarily; but is that what you want most? If so, you need to start over.

It’s time to start over with your goals. Saving for the future isn’t foolish, but if it’s more important than living spiritually strong in the here and now, it’s time to start over.

It’s time to start over with your love. We go to church week in and week out, worshiping God as much as we can at that moment, but because of all of the other lesser things upon which we pour out our love, we have so little to give to Him. Our only hope is to start over.

Starting over begins with letting go. We’ve been trying to be in control when we’re really not. But God is! And He’s doing a fabulous job taking care of us and our needs!

Once we let go of control, we are freed to surrender again to God, whose will may not include a six-figure income for us; but it does include our knowing Him, glorifying Him, and enjoying Him forever—something that isn’t paid for from our bank account because, praise Him, it’s been paid in full!

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