Memories on a Budget

There is a blessing in staying home and depending solely on one income; however, it is tough. We have tried to become better stewards of our income—not perfectly, but striving each day to do better. We are constantly reminding ourselves that God is sovereign and He will provide.

When I think about making memories, we have learned that even on a limited income, we are able to create memories that last for a lifetime.   As we watch our sweet baby girl Olivia reach out to us to meet her needs of milk, a hug, or simply to be close to us, we realize that we are making memories that will last a lifetime. This time has reminded us of our need to keep our eyes on the Lord and faithfully seek Him (Matt.6:33). We stand in awe of how the Lord is faithful to His own (Ps.105).

So, rather than focusing on doubt and the fear of not knowing how the next bill will get paid, we focus on the love, peace, and joy we have in our relationship with our Lord God. Through this, we are able to encourage each other and be creative in making memories—a special homemade dish, loving notes in my husband’s lunch, or time spent with our extended family and friends. All of these things, and much more, have provided us with a way to see past the daily struggles and rest in God’s grace for our family.

We are challenged and amazed at how the Lord is teaching and guiding us in finding biblical solutions to our finances. Our memories are not necessarily in things that we’ve purchased, but in experiences that grow us as people, as a family, and as Christians.

Romans 8:28—And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

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