Thanksgiving and Finances

There are many things we can thank God for: Salvation through Jesus’ death and resurrection, first, of course. Family. Country. But money? Should we thank God for the money we have? Isn’t that worldly?

If God told Israel that they should remember, or call to mind in an active way, that He was the one who gave them the ability or power to gain wealth (Deut.8.18), then how could or should we do less?

We must put things in their proper place. Otherwise we will be as foolish as the false teacher who once tweeted, “Jesus bled and died for us so that we can lay claim to the promise of financial prosperity. #ProsperityInChrist #WealthyLiving #AbundantLife.”

That has to be as far away from the truth as one can get regarding salvation and finances.

It is true that James reminds the rich to thank God for their humiliation and their short lives; yet, we should remember He who gave us all the dollars we have in our accounts. Upon remembering His hand in our lives, thanksgiving should not be far behind. Thanking Him for the amount I have in the bank makes it hard to complain. This also makes it hard to be greedy. Greediness is a national favorite sin.

When Nicole and I are able to remember and thank God, we are helped in our attitudes and thoughts. We remember when we didn’t have as much as we do now (not that what we have now is busting any seams). The fact that He has allowed us to have more helps us to hold a lot more loosely to those more abundant dollars.

Remembering God’s financial grace upon us makes us more willing to return some of the money to Him by giving through the church or giving directly to those in need.

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