The Christian’s Love


Charles Spurgeon once said, “Christ rightly known is most surely Christ beloved.”[1] In other words, when a man really knows Christ personally, he will love Him deeply. You show me what a person loves and I can tell you who they are.

False Marks of Love for Christ

Donald Whitney points out five characteristics of people who have a false assurance of salvation:

  1. They are either unconcerned or angry when warned about false assurance.
  2. They are either legalistic or loose with spiritual disciplines and duties.
  3. They are either very weak in or very confident of their Bible knowledge.
  4. They have either a vicarious Christianity or an overly independent
  5. They may be constantly resisting the truth or never able to come to the truth (2 Thess.2:10; 2 Tim.3:7).[2]

 Marks of a True Love for Christ

  • A sign of true love for Christ is the dedication of ourselves and all that we have and are to the Lord. (John 12:25-26)
  • A sign of true love for Christ is a carefulness and sensitivity to avoid anything that would offend Him. (Jer.32:40; Ez.36:27)
  • A sign of true love for Christ is a universal obedience to all of His known commands. What Jesus means in John 14:15 is that obedience to Him is based upon a prior love.
  • A sign of true love for Christ is a willingness to defend His honor against His enemies. (Ps.139:21-22)
  • A sign of true love for Christ is a desire to promote His cause in the world. Love for Christ cannot sit still while others perish. It influences the true Christian in such a way that he acts to spread His name both far and near.

Tests of Love for Christ

Would you be able to enjoy heaven if Christ were not there?
Would you be willing to go to hell itself if you might have Him?
Do you feel drawn out to Him in service?
Do you do things that you certainly would not do, except for His sake?
Are you glad to hear of Him in sermons or conversation?
Is there a warm feeling rising to Him at the mention of His name?
Does it cause you pain to hear evil spoken of Him?
Do you feel sorrow that you do not love Him more?

Questions to Consider

Do you share the intimacies of the Christian life with other believers? (1 John 6-7)
Do you have a deep awareness of your sin against the Word and love for God? (1 John 1:8, 10)
Do you live in conscious obedience to the Word of God? (1 John 2:2-5)
Do you despise the world and its ways? (1 John 2:15)
Do you long for the return of Jesus Christ and to be made like Him? (1 John 3:2-3)
Do you habitually do what is right more and sin less? (1 John 3:7-8, 10)
Do you sacrificially love other Christians and want to be with them? (1 John 3:14)
Do you discern the presence of the Holy Spirit within you? (1 John 3:24; 4:13)
Do you enjoy learning the doctrines taught by the Apostles of Jesus? (1 John 4:6)
Do you believe what the Bible teaches about Jesus Christ? (1 John 5:1)


[1] Charles Spurgeon, The Saint and His Savior

[2] Donald S. Whitney, How Can I Be Sure I’m a Christian?

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