“The year is made up of minutes. Let these be watched as having been dedicated to God! It is in the sanctification of the small that the hallowing of the large is secure.”—G. CAMPBELL MORGAN

When most people think of time, they think of hours or minutes or the time that it takes to go from point A to point B. However, time from God’s point of view is related to the opportunities He gives a believer to accomplish His will and experience His power. Because of evil days, Ephesians 5:15-16 says our perspective in regards to time should be to make the most of it. According to verse 17, a key element in making the most of our time is understanding the will of the Lord. In other words, when we know what God wants us to do, we should prioritize our lives so that we might accomplish all that God has for us.

From a biblical point of view, to put God first does not mean that there is something else second, third, and so on. Putting God first means He is preeminent in every area of your life. However, if you need help in ordering your priorities, here are the Christian’s top five priorities:

  1. God (Matthew 22:36-38; Ecclesiastes 12:13)—This does not mean just feeling deeply about the Lord, but doing those things that demonstrate your desire to grow in your relationship with Him: spending time with Him, sacrifice, obedience, etc.
  2. Your Body (1 Corinthians 6:12-13, 18-20; 1 Timothy 4:8)—What we mean here is not an over-emphasis on fitness and fashion, but a proper maintenance of God’s temple so that He is pleased and you can continue to honor Him and help others.
  3. Your Family (Ephesians 5:22-6:4)—God created marriage and family to be the foundation of home life and social order. Society and the church stand or fall on the health of the family.
  4. Ministry (Romans 12:3-13)—In your relationship with God, the emphasis is on what you are to Him and what He is in you. In your ministry, the emphasis is on what you do for Him and for others.
  5. Others (Galatians 6:9-10)“Our greatest danger in life is in permitting the urgent things to crowd out the important.”—Charles Hummel

In your relationship with God:

  1. Spend time in prayer and devotion every day.
  2. Plan your life around the things that will keep God first in your life.
  3. Don’t forsake church attendance and fellowship.

In the home:

  1. Remember that it’s not a matter of perfect balance, but recognizing when you go too far to the left or to the right and getting back quickly before you fall.
  2. Build this time into your schedule. Schedule a day on your calendar for your spouse and kids.
  3. Ministry and home priorities can go together. Doing ministry together as a family will help build memories and set an example for your children.

“There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven.”―Ecclesiastes 3:1


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