Trust an Unchanging God

God is an immutable being (James 1:17), which means He does not have the ability to change. God not only does not change, He doesn’t have the ability to change.

“To say that God is immutable is to say that He never differs from Himself. The concept of a growing or developing God is not found in the Scriptures…For a moral being to change it would be necessary that the change be in one of three directions. He must go from better to worse or from worse to better; or granted that the moral quality remain stable, he must change within himself, as from immature to mature or from one order of being to another. It should be clear that God can move in none of these directions. His perfections forever rule out any such possibility. God cannot change for the better. Since He is perfectly holy, He has never been less holy than He is now and can never be holier than He is and has always been. A deterioration within the unspeakably holy nature of God is impossible. Indeed I believe it impossible even to think of such a thing, for the moment we attempt to do so, the object about which we are thinking is no longer God but something else and someone less than He.”—A.W.Tozer

Read the verses below to see what the Bible reveals about the immutability of God:

  • Psalm 119:89―God is changeless in His person. (Cf.Heb.13:8)
  • Isaiah 46:9-10―God is changeless in His purposes. (Cf.Ps.33:11; Mal.3:6)
  • Numbers 23:19―God is changeless in His promises. (Cf.1 Sam.15:2)

God will never change who He is, His plan, nor what He has guaranteed to do, be, and give to His beloved. Will you trust Him today?

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